Is your writer's conference, women's organization, school or writer's group looking for a speaker? I am available for any and all of these. Below is a list of topics I enjoy presenting or you are free to suggest a theme or idea. They call me the queen of quirk but I like to think of it as quirk with a lot of heart-tug, spiritual application and plain old good humor (not the ice cream), the kind that makes you laugh, and sends you home with lots to think about.
Fees/Honorarium are negotiable. 

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Keynotes for Writers
The Power of Words
We all know words are powerful but this popular keynote is more about Joyce's personal journey with the power of words and how her life and spirituality was shaped.  Portions of this keynote can be found scattered around the web.

The Power of Imagination. Observation and Association
Three key components in every writers toolbox. A great discussion with lots of eye opening practical tips.

Topics For Women

Gifts - Discovering and Using Your Gifts (We all have one or two or even more) 
I have two feet--honest
In this talk I share my personal journey from being a battered, shy kid to being a published author. Includes the now famous Turkey Story.Very inspiring.

Perseverance-Or as my Mom called it Stick-to-it-tiv-ness
In this talk we discuss what it means to be sure, certain and never give up no matter what. Press on! Dream!

Dwell in Possibility -  What is Your Personal Story?
We all have a story, a personal narrative that is part of the greater story-HIS-story. We can even talk about ways of writing your story to pass on to family and future generations. 

Joyce to the World - Sometimes life needs a curlicue on top
Life is not easy, but learning to find the humor, to laugh at ourselves and with each other can often soften the blow. This includes the now famous Turkey Story and other anecdotes from my own skewed growing-up experiences.

Why I Write?
It's not just about me. It's about words and the power of language. Mankind/womankind has published over 500 billion words since 1800. What does it mean? Why do we do it?And what does that have to do with you?

Of course any of the above talks can be tailored to fit your group's needs. Or you can suggest a theme. I'm sure I got a story or two to go with that.

Topics for Writers
I have a million of them, because yes, writing is that wonderful.  Let's talk.

Basic and Advanced Writing Techniques
Email me, please and we can talk about what you are looking for.

What's God Got To Do With It? Truth, Talent and Technique
What does God have to say about your writing and your stories? You'd be surprised.

Writing the Novel for Adults and Young Folks
Various topics depending on your needs

Fiction Clinics
One of my clinics-we had a great time
Clinics are usually a day or two longer and are tailored to the group's level and needs. But basically we cover the gamut from premise to submission. These clinics are very popular at conferences or I can do them as a stand alone workshop for your group.

Finding Your Voice
Another popular workshop that focuses on discovery more than technique.

Topics for Students (5th grade and up) Homeschoolers welcome
  • Creating Characters
  • Dealing with Plot (What's the story?)
  • Writing Dialog
  • So You Want To Be A Writer, I get that. I was a teenage writer.
  • Reading Like a Writer