Getting Back to Business

Bette Davis--Editorial Eyes
Here's the thing, without going into a lot of detail I've been on a kind of blog hiatus the last several weeks--lots of life changes that needed my attention. But anyhoo, things are finally starting to settle into a routine again (or at least my version of a routine) and I am back to the old blog. Not that I ever had anything amazing, earth-shattering or life-changing to tell anyone. It was a just a place to yak, brag, vent and inform. And speaking of informing I have something to tout. No, not a new book contract contract--although things are in the works. No, I am once again hanging out the old Mentoring/Editing /Critiquing Shingle. The one that lets you all know that I am available to read your words and make comments, do some pretty serious developmental editing or even take you under my paw for a while to help bring your book ideas to life and hopefully into the hands of an agent or editor. I know the process--I've been through it a dozen or so times.
So, with spring and summer and soon the big fall conferences coming up, now might be a good time to have a professional look at your work and help you along the treacherous path of publishing. And hey, if you are planning on self-publishing then a professional look see is a must.
I love to work with writers and I think I'm a pretty good teacher. I've worked with lots of folks.
If you are thinking your baby might need some TLC, get in touch and we'll talk.
Email is the best--jmagnin56 (at) gmail dot com. I check email every thirty or forty nano seconds.
So if you've been submitting and getting rejections or haven't gotten the nerve to submit just yet, get in touch. I can help.


Anonymous said...

Just finished the two Harriet Beamer books and was hoping for another one. Also, I wish your blog posts had a date on them.

Anonymous said...

I just finished the Harriet Beamer books, too. It ended like there would be more books. I know it's been awhile since it was published, but I would love to read more about Harriet's adventures.