Today I Was Ripped Off

Here's the thing, I am very PO'd right now. As many of you know I enjoy playing video games. And i also enjoy visiting game websites including Game Spot, IGN, which I think is the same company. Well, two years ago I accidentally made a purchase on this site and ended up subscribing to something I didn't want to subscribe. I tried for hours to cancel and clear the error. But it was impossible. IGN has no live customer support and their navigational tools lead you through a frustrating labyrinth of options which in the end only allows you to email someone. Two years ago I sent an email to this unknown force and begged them to cancel this mistaken account and refund me. Never heard back. Finally a year later I found a way to cancel this recurring subscription. Though I did. Well, apparently the scam goes on because this morning my back account was charged $79.95 for something I don't want. I tried again to cancel the subscription and finally I made it to the Holy land of account killing and hopefully I was successful. But, unfortunately IGN still has my money and I really need it. I cannot speak with anyone. I tried to leave a post on their FB page and they delete it immediately. I emailed this unknown force again--no reply.
It seems to me a company this huge should have a way in which to inform their customers that they are about to charge their account for something subscribed to two years ago!
I want my money back, IGN.

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You can file a chargeback with your credit card company. Call them - they'll know what to do.