Stars, Stars Everywhere

Here’s the thing. I’ve been in Maine for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it—so far. Folks have been warning me about the wicked cold winter and snow, but still, I’m hoping to enjoy it. It would be nice to have snow again. I’ll let you know later. I understand we can catch the aurora borealis—wow, now that’s exciting. Anyway, one of the things I like best is being rural, out in the boondocks as it were. Bethel Maine’s tag line is “Maine’s most beautiful mountain village” and I really believe it. I love it here. I love the small town life. And if you read my novels you’ll understand. It’s true, everyone is so nice and they really do know each other. I like that. And I like the hometown fairs and apple pie contests and concerts in the common. I hear the place really gets jumping once ski season kicks in. I’m quite close to gorgeous Sunday River.
Last night I had a little trouble sleeping for some reason. You know why? Starlight. That’s right, the stars were so expansive and so bright they lit my bedroom. I stood at the window and marveled. Back in Philly I never see stars, well, not an ocean of them like last night. I’m lucky if I get a glimpse of the Big Dipper on occasion. But out here the stars are something to behold.
I even saw a couple of shooting stars and couldn’t resist the urge to cast a wish upon one of them. I won’t tell you my wish because as we all know it won’t come true if I do, but here’s hoping.
I’ll let you know. 


Pam Halter said...

I love that you are able to see stars. ((hugs))

Eva Marie Everson said...

I walked outside last night and saw Orion. Always lets me know autumn is here. Him and his belt ... :)

But he's never woken me up.

I know how you feel though. When I go "back home," and I'm coming in at night, I often marvel at the expanse of stars. I open my moon roof (or sun roof when I'm in Florida and it is daylight hours) and do my best to keep my eyes on the road, so to speak.

Eva Marie Everson