Look, It's a Moose

Hey girl, I'm fabulous
Here’s the thing. I came face to face with a moose the other day. Of course she was behind a fence. But still. She was amazing. Beautiful in her gangly hugeness. She strutted around her habitat like a queen. It was so cool to see her walk. She was graceful believe it or not. She didn’t lumber along but seemed to walk almost in slow motion. Every so often she’d walk close to the fence and seem to pose and look me in the eye. Then she’d move off, circle the yard and come back. She looked happy. If a moose can be happy. Why not, I suppose. She had everything she needed at the Maine Wildlife Park.  The place is incredible. All of their animals were either injured, orphaned or came from folks who thought maybe, just maybe they could keep a Bobcat for a pet. It’s not advised.
Then there were the bears. I always liked bears although I know that even in their incredible cuteness they wouldn’t think twice about ripping my face off. But it was fun to toss them some corn kernels (Park provided). They were like huge Hoovers snuffing up the corn without touching the wood chips or dirt. Now that was cool.
Mostly I don’t approve of zoos. Yeah, yeah, how Hippie Dippie of me. But really, caged animals are sad. But this place was different. It was like wandering through the forest and happening upon huge animals like the moose. Very Jurassic Park without all the bloodshed and screaming.
I saw a blond raccoon. That’s right .A blonde bombshell of a Raccoon with spooky eyes to match. And then there was the very nervous, frantic Fisher, a weasel like critter that paced all around like he was looking for a fix. He was skinny and anxious, the heroine addict of the animal world.
One of the cutest scenes was the porcupine sharing lunch with a chipmunk. And the Porcupine shall lay down with the chipmunk or something.
All in all it was a sweet day. And I will certainly go back because the Bull Moose refused to move. Nope. All we could see was his Huge, I mean HUGE antlers against his shed which was big enough to build a blimp inside. We hung around for a while hoping he’d at least stand up. Some folks made moose calls but he was not interested. Oh, and there was a baby moose. She didn’t move much either but she was there. Very cute.
I suppose you’d appreciate some witty words of wisdom about my encounter with the moose and all but I really don’t have any. It was just very impressive to see something that huge moving with such grace and dignity. I guess if anything it made me think that sometimes life can hand you stuff, stuff as big as a moose but it’s all  in how we walk with it.

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Pam Halter said...

I think the lesson could be, bloom where you are planted. The female moose sure seemed satisfied! When I come up, you have to take me there.