Being a Writer

Here's the thing, being a writer is hard. It involves many things. It's not just sitting down everyday and tapping out words and stories and then sitting back and raking in the cash. HA! Far from it. Being a writer is for most of us a labor of love and if the writer is like me--survival and salvation. It also involves a bit of self promotion and advertising. And I suppose that's what I'm doing. Today and Friday my agent, the amazing Chip MacGregor is running the text of a speech I gave a year or so ago at writer's conference about The Power of Words, in particular the power of words in my life, for good and for bad sometimes. So, hop on over to Chip's blog, take a look and let me know what you think.
And if you like what you read then I hope you'll take a look at my books on Amazon or wherever you buy books and give me a chance.

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