Why a Writer's Conference is Better than Looking at Naked Mole Rats

Here's the thing, in my humble opinion there is no better place for writers to converge than at a conference. It is good for the body, mind and soul. Nay, I say it is imperative for writers to gather, all of one mind, kindred spirits, a singularity as it were of folks all looking in the same direction. Well, I got to thinking about the words Writer’s Conference—I often think about words—and I came up with a few things that might help you decide to come to the conference or if you are already on board to feel pretty good about it. I know I do. The Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference changed my life, people. I mean it. Changed.  My.  Life. If it had not been for the conference I would
My SIL showing as fungus not a naked mole rat
never have met the people who were instrumental in launching my career. I was shy at first but BAM! Success happens. Attending a conference is the best way to network, to begin to land on the radar of editors and other authors who can make a difference. Facebook is great but there ain’t nothing better than face-to-face. Unless you're a naked mole rat and then face-to-face might not be the way to go. I'm not sure if naked mole rats even have conferences.
So let’s look at the words Writer’s Conference and see what we can find.
Writers. Well stating the obvious is of course the word writer. And you know who you are. You know how many times you think, wow, that’s a great idea or I should really write a story or a book and then sadly the moment is quickly replaced by say, a screaming child or a flat tire or a naked mole rat sighting. Well, here’s the thing, attending a writer’s conference is the one place a writer can be a writer. When that instant of inspiration or a light bulb turns on you can simply reach out and touch another writer who would just love to talk about it with you. Even help you get it on paper. Not to mention the amazing opportunities for a WRITER to bring his or her stuff to a place and have it read by some really talented people. Naked mole rats do not read.
Embedded in WRITERS is the word  TER, as in deter. How many times have you been deterred from writing? From starting that novel, finishing that story or submitting? Life is full of detriments to a creative life, but here’s the thing, coming to a conference will be the one place you go this year where you will not find things to deter you but things to TER you on and find your words inTEResting and help you determine where and when to submit. Naked mole rats submit to nothing.
Now let’s look at the word CONFERENCE. Hoki smoke Bullwinkle, lots of good stuff here. CONFER, yes, it means to grant or bestow. Here’s the thing, I hereby bestow and grant unto you the title of WRITER EXTRAORDINAIRE and where do writers go? Conferences. That’s right. Ah, but what if we shorten it and wind up with the word CON. Oh boy, how many times have you felt like con artist, a fraud, a person without talent, a person your family kind of humors until you walk away. Here’s the thing, we all feel that way. Even published authors who have published dozens of books feel like a con sometimes. But, attending a conference will do so much to help you feel, well, bestowed upon, granted the title of writer—even if you still have a hard time wearing your WRITER badge at home. We’ll let you take it out, polish it to a fine patina and proudly wear it.Naked Mole Rats have no good place to pin a badge.
And that brings us to the back end of the word—ENCE. As in:
Confidence – Yeah we can get you some that. But you have to come and please, whatever you do don’t leave your words at home. Bring them. We’d love to see what you’re working on.
Audience –Ain’t nothing wrong with having an audience or sitting in the audience and listening to some really amazing speakers. It’s good for you.
Bioluminescence—Okay, maybe a stretch but think about it. The word simply means to make your own light and let it shine in dark places. Uhm, isn’t that kind of the point? Naked mole rats live in the dark.
Excellence—Personally one of my favorite words. I believe all artists, writers need to strive for excellence. And let me tell you, a conference is the best place to make some headway there.
Now I could go on but maybe you should find some of your own words. In fact why not write them down and bring them. Maybe we can find a place to display them. What’s your ENCE or TER?
Seriously The Greater Philadelphia Conference is the place to be this summer.
Not so much for the naked mole rats.
I am leading the Middle Grade and YA clinic at the conference this year. She is the author of nine books including two middle grade novels. Her most recent middle grade was awarded a Kirkus Starred review.

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