The ABCs of Imagination

Here's the thing, one of the many highlights of the Highlights Fiction Workshop was an all too brief visit with Peter Jacobi. He is a completely lovely man with an amazing mind. Peter comes often to Highlights and shares his  insights and sheer joy for words, language, creativity, the arts.
Peter Jacobi
Peter is professor emeritus of journalism at Indiana University and a consultant with magazines and corporations, helping CEOs, writers, and editors learn to express their ideas more effectively. His articles have appeared in World Book, the New York Times, Highlights, and others.

On Thursday evening he spoke on Imagination. In part this is what he presented in  his gentle, smart way. As you look at this list, think of your art whether it is writing, painting music, crafts, whatever your joy, consider these:
The ABCs of Imagination.

A            Accurate. Be trustworthy in your writing.
B            Buoyant, be optimistic, hopeful
C            Convincing – choice of language
D            Discerning, not wild
E            Evocative
F            Flexible – be willing to reconsider, listen to your editor
G            Generous – don’t hold back. Give readers your best.
H            Honesty-Authentic and sincere
I            Intense-Impassioned
J            Jovial, friendly, conversational
K            Knowing-let reader gain enlightenment
L            Luminous – cast light into the shadows
M            Magical – conjure, spellbind
N            Near – bring the reader close
O            Original – totally yourself
P            Penetrating – imaginative eye of the soul
Q            Quenching – use enough of everything
R            Resonate
S            Specific
T            Tuneful – add melody to language
U            Unexpected – surprise your reader
V            Visual
W            Wise – Clear and perceptive
X            Xorcise – hasty judgment
Y            Yearn to improve
Z            Zealous           

copyright Peter Jacobi, all rights reserved

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