Top Ten Questions Kids Ask Me

Q:        How much money do you make?
A:         I just smile and laugh, inside, ruefully

Q:        When will the book be made into a movie?
A:         Someday, maybe

Q:        Did you write all the books in this store?
A:         Nope

Q:        How long does it take to write a book?
A:         About 18 months from start to finish. This is usually when the student looks at me with bugged out eyes.

Q:        Did you draw the pictures?
A:         No, but some really nice, talented people did. This is usually when a look of disappointment passes over the child’s face.

Q:        Are you famous? Do you know J.K. Rowling?
A:         No, I am not really famous except around here and no, never met J.K.

Q:        How about the Diary of Wimpy Kid guy?
A:         Nope, but I met Colonel Sanders once. This is usually when the child looks at me like I just spouted broccoli out of my ears.

Q:        Did you have to read the book when you wrote it?
A:         This is a very interesting questioning. Yes, I say, I read the book about ten times. This is usually when the students look at me like I have just sprouted broccoli out of my ears.

Q:        Are you rich?
A:         (Shaking head) Nope. This usually confuses the child because they really think all writers are loaded down with bags of money.

Q:        What’s the best thing about being a author?
A:         Meeting great kiddoes!


Priscilla Strapp said...

crack me up

Pam Halter said...

I like "Did you write all the books in the store?" HA!!