The Best Part of Anything

Santina and the most awesome, delicious book report ever.
Here's the thing, I love being a writer. I love writing for adults and I love writing for children. I enjoy the process of writing from idea to that moment when the UPS guy/girl drops a box of fresh books on my porch. I love opening the box and holding the book. I love the reviews and the chatter and I love acquiring at least in my small neck of the woods a modicum of celebrity status. It's great fun to visit book clubs and talk about Bright's Pond and Harriet Beamer. I will probably write more books for grown-ups but right now I am enjoying writing for kids. I hope to do a whole lot more. So, that brings us to today's question. What's the best part? What's the best part of writing for kids. Well, it's getting to meet young folks and young fans. It's visiting schools and watching bright faces and bright smiles when I talk about books and writing. It's seeing the look of astonishment when I show them how many pages I wrote to get to one book. I share all of the drafts of Cake and the kids are amazed. Suddenly rewriting one small class assignment doesn't look so daunting or impossible.
But this week a youngster went over and beyond in honoring Cake and me and I hope scoring an A+ on her book report. This young lady, Santina read Cake and then baked a cake to use as her actually report. She used chicken cutouts and wrote all the character names and usual; book report highlights on the fondant icing. Wow. I was so impressed I just had to share it. Santina, I'm impressed and I would love to come and visit your school soon and meet you. Thank You.
So, yeah, the process is good, the books are good, the money isn't so good but the best part? It's the way a book touches a child. It's been said that the shortest distance between two people is a story.

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Cindy Noonan said...

I asked Santina how her book report went, and she said it was the best book report ever--and the tastiest!