My Amazing School Visit

This is Sash presenting her teacher with Cake
Here's the thing. Say what you will about the condition of the world but visit an elementary school for the day and see the goodness that exists. That's what I did yesterday. I had the joy of teaching three assemblies for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes about editing and revision at the Exton Elementary School in Exton, PA. The kids were terrific, well-behaved attentive and enthusiastic. They were kind and polite and made me smile so many times my jaw hurt. Dottie, the chicken had a great time also. The kids wanted to hold her but well, sometimes you have to say no. Sorry, kids. And my host, Kathy Massey the librarian made the day easy, non-pressured and delightful. Librarians as a rule Rock, teachers as a rule, rock. Anyway, later that day I went to B&N where the school was having their book fair. The fourth grade sang (sweet, very sweet) and I signed a bunch of books for eager kiddoes. There was also a raffle. One of the prizes was a copy of Cake. Well, here's the thing, the student who won the raffle had already purchased a copy of Cake. Yikes, what to do? Well, she was going to take a copy of Carrying Mason instead. But, you know what this dear, kind-hearted child did? She donated it to her teacher. Wow. And she did it with so much joy! Thank you Sasha (Alexandra is her real name). She was there with her brothers Igor and Vladamir. Great names. Anyway, if you need some joy put back into your life or just need to be uplifted, find a way to visit an elementary school. Dottie I look forward to visiting many more.

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