Hornswaggled, Horsefeathers and Hurly-burly

Here's the thing, I love words. Always did. I was forever word-smitten by the time I was three years old. I loved everything about words, the letters, the meanings, the way words sounded when I spoke. I loved to play with words and find puns and tricks because words can be very tricky, especially American words what with all the double and triple meanings. Still, I love words and always try to use interesting and unusual words in my books and stories. So, I thought it would be fun to take a few days and look at some fun and interesting words that we might not use everyday, but it sure would be fun if did.
hornswaggle (HORN-swah-guhl) verb
to deceive, cheat, or bamboozle
"We're hornswaggled. We're backed to standstill. We're double-crossed to a fare-you-well."
from Valley of the Moon, by Jack London, 1913

horsefeathers! (HORS-feh-therz) Interjection
rubbish, nonsense, not even worth thinking about

hurly-burly (HER-lee-BER-lee) noun
a noisy uproar

Now use these words today so trippingly on the tongue.


Pam Halter said...

I can see Wilma Sue writing these words in her journal. :)

Pam Zollman said...

"Well, horsefeathers. We've been hornswaggled again," she yelled. Hurly-burly broke out in the room.