Baseball, Books and Necessary Adjsutments

Here’s the thing, the Philadelphia Phillies opened their season last night. And I’m sorry to say it was a pretty dismal beginning. Ace pitcher Cole Hamels just did not deliver. The other players seemed tired, lackluster. No joy in Atlanta last night. Except for Chase Utley. Now he showed some spark and made the game a little easier to watch. Wow, I am being really down a team that just started their season. But here’s the thing. I think there is a lot to be said for getting out of the gate well, with speed and energy. There is something magical about winning that first game. It provides momentum and in theory can set the tone for the whole season. Last night, the Phils got out of the gate in not so great fashion.
But, that being said, they say baseball is a game of adjustments. If the batter has figured out your slider, or your fastball, your rhythm, make an adjustment. Change your pitches. Do something to foil your opponent. Batting not going well? Maybe the batter needs to drop his elbow a half an inch or widen his stance. Make the necessary adjustments and come out prepared in the next game. Fortunately Cole doesn’t have to appear on the mound for five days or so. Plenty of time to make some adjustments.
Writing and books are like this. You might say writing is a game of adjustments. The voice isn’t quite right. Adjust. The plot has holes? Adjust. If your book gets a slow start out of the gate, analyze and adjust. Blog more, Tweet more, travel more, teach more, write more. Adjust. Do what needs to be done not only for your current book but the next one.  Adjust.
There’s no shame in a slow start as long as you don’t give up. Go Phillies! Go you!

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Debbie Fuller Thomas said...

Joyce, I hear ya. The Giants were disappointing against the LA Dodgers last night - our arch rivals. And about the writing, too. Always tweaking and honing and finding our voices. It's a long 'season' in writing, too!