Downton With a Twist of Tragedy

Here’s the thing, most of us knew it was going to happen. And then it did. Okay. But lots of other things happened also. Some it downright silly, like the whole Edna the gold-digging maid and Tom thread. Sorry. It just didn’t do much except lead to what I think was the most touching scene in the episode. I cried when Tom and Mrs. Hughes were talking and he burst into tears—missing his Sybil. Yeah, that was rough. Maybe the whole Matthew thingy didn’t upset me so much because I knew it was coming—dang nab it! We really must find a way to keep spoilers at bay next year. But, be that as it may we have other things to discuss, like Thomas and Jimmy. Really? I’m just sick of it, although I suppose it’s sweet that they are “friends” now. But I’m having trouble understanding Thomas’s motivations here. Does he feel guilty? Nah.
And what about Mrs. Pattmore, one of my favorite characters and that bloated, gas bag Joss Tifton. Thank God for Mrs. Hughes who always seems to be in the right place at the right time and possess the wisdom of the sphinx on those occasions. Hurray for Mrs. Hughes and her willingness to keep it real. Now speaking of keeping it real what in blazes is up with Edith and the editor? In one scene she tells him that she “doesn’t see a happy ending” and then in the next she’s dragging him onto the dance floor and I’d lay odds that next season she’ll be dragging him off to bed in a scandal that will most certainly curl Robert’s toes. And what of poor Robert? I mean really, the man is so easy. If only my father were that understanding. Still, he seems to dip his toes in the waters of propriety and honor and all that shlub and then just as easily soak in the dark side, the modern-era as it were. For me, Robert is one of the less believable of the cast. But that might be just me. I do like thoroughly modern Rose though. I think she will bring a much-needed shot in the belfry that the clan needs.
As for Bates and Anna, yeah I’m sick of them too. I wish he would just haul off and do whatever he is going to do to break Anna’s heart. She was so sweet, learning to reel while her lame hubby looked on in utter smitteness. Still, I see evil lurking behind those baby blues, or are they brown? Anyway, I did love watching Mosley get snockered. I love him. I don’t know why exactly but his character, definitely an underdog in many ways, appeals to me. And what about Obrien and that wicked ladies’ maid of Susan’s. I so want to use that line someday, “Where you’re concerned I definitely don’t have to concern myself with loyalty.” And off she went to snitch on the evil one, who is probably just sick and tired of Susan’s perpetual menopause. To say nothing to being married to Shrimpy, a man with an unfortunate, yet cute name. I wish them the best. But hey, did you love that castle? Criminy. Give me a weekend there.
And this of course brings us to the Dowager, hands down the most –beloved of the cast, played expertly by the great Maggie Smith. What can I say? I love that she is smart and wise and knows when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. I think she and Rose are going to have a beautiful friendship. Although poor Mary. Tragedy has struck and on the same day as the birth of her yet nameless son. I think I will be disappointed if he is given the name Matthew. It’s just so . . . so Sybil, perhaps she'll name him for Dad, Robert. I do have to say that I found her one line while she is holding her brand new son, who by the way was awfully big for being born a little early. But okay, poetic license. You remember when she told Matthew, “We have an heir. Downton is secure.” Really, Mary. You couldn’t wait? But I suppose that really was just so Mary of her. And Matthew did just seem to gloss over that. I wonder if he thought of it just before he . . . you know.
And now we wait. We wait thirteen, long grueling months for the new season. Oh, there’s the DVD’s I suppose, but I will miss fresh Downton.

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Vivian Dippold said...

Joyce! You ARE amazing. I couldn't have said it better myself. You are so on it! My added thought was the writers must be in a hurry to move the series on. They couldn't allow the Matthew and Mary family a little time??? Terrible. Just terrible!