Downton Abbey, some Creepy Crawleys

Here's the thing, I am a fan of Downton Abbey and will keep watching. There is so much to love about the show, the hats alone will keep me coming back. And as a writer I enjoy how all the main characters have stakes. Every time one of them walks into a scene you know the takes will get higher. Bravo to that. But I have to admit to feeling just a wee bit disappointed in last night's episode, especially after patiently waiting for so long.
But . . . I was a wee bit disappointed with last night's episode. Perhaps I was expecting too much. Although I think Shirley looked fabulous and I was expecting her to be much more witty and smart, she came across as either drunk or crass. Sorry. Perhaps that is how the English view Americans.
And then there was the wedding or should I say the sort of almost a wedding. After waiting six long months to watch Matthew and Mary tie the knot after so many ups and downs I was greatly disappointed that we didn't at least get to see the vows, or even the kiss for crying out loud. And then the quick, neck-jerking (I have whiplash) cut to them arriving home from their honeymoon was not well executed.
And third, the rather sloppy setting up of how the family will get over this financial crisis could have been handled better. In my opinion. Although, Mary's obvious gold-digging was not without its charm. That Matthew, he just keeps inheriting doesn't he? Then there was the sex talk between AMry and her mother. Really? Lest we forget that the last time Mary used her lady parts in that way she killed a Turk. But still. It was sweet.
And the best word to come out of the episode?  Hobbledehoy. HA! I will use it.
As for Alfred--is this where Batman's butler got his start, he's cute and I love that Thomas and O'Brien are having troubles. Go O'Brien! And there is Branson. Well, he's cute and all but I thought he was kind of ridiculous and rude. But then again, the downfall of the British Empire was rude and startling for them all I suppose. Simpler times are at hand for the Crawley's I suppose. And does anyone else but me think Bates did it? Is he really a snake?
But all in all, I thoroughly enjoy Downton Abbey and thought that was the fastest two hours in history.  Now relax and ring Carson for tea.

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Ramona Richards said...

I'm with you...seriously mixed feelings. And talk about whiplash. Some of those cuts left my head spinning. I'd hoped to introduce my mother to DA, but she kept interrupting with comments about how ugly the hairdos wear (thus, marvelous hats), and dresses that had no shape. It didn't help the Mother had removed her hearing aids.

They were all too polite to slap Branson (which he needed), but I did love the scene when the Dowager and Isabel finally just stubborned him into place.

And Bates? I think that was the best line of the evening, clearly intended to hint that maybe he HAD done it. I think I gave a gleeful coo at that point, but Mother had gone to sleep.

I'll keep watching, but heavens, what a rough start.