CAKE~Love, Chickens and a Taste of Peculiar has released.
This is one of several letters I've already received.
Wow! Just received this message.
To Joyce Magnin:

Dear Joyce,

I love CAKE. Do Wilma Sue and the sisters make deliveries? What a wonderful post-Christmas gift. Being a fan of your adult books – I want to hang out with Harriet Beamer – I eagerly awaited CAKE’s arrival. The Kirkus review only added to the anticipation. As a mom and a middle school teacher, I am always on the lookout for fun, engaging books that tell a great story and, have “real” kids. When they manage to impart positive messages – well that’s a bonus. CAKE succeeds on all levels. As much as I adore Wilma Sue, Penny touches my heart in a way that I rarely see in books. While I have no idea why it wasn’t available to give as a Christmas gift, it is the perfect follow-up to remind us the real purpose of generosity and giving.

Seriously though, is there a place where I can order one of the upside-down-cakes online.

Maryellen DiNardi

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