Cavalcade of Bad Nativities

Okay, here's the thing, I know this isn't an entirely original idea, but really, it was My idea. I just procrastinated about it. So kudos to the others who have gone before and shared some of the wildest and wackiest of Christmas delights.
First Up ( more later as time permits.) If you have a fav bad nativity send it my way.

It looks to me like Joseph had a bad experience at the dermatologist. Way too much Botox. And he looks really pissed about it.
 In honor of my children who live in Maine. Yes. A MOOSE Nativity. It looks like the one moose is holding a lunch pail and what's that? A sheep? And why is Mary naked and without even a tuffet of grass to sit on. Sheesh.
 Ahh, the old Jesus in the bubble creche. "Now Jesus, we'll let you out of that bubble as soon as the sheep has gone. Germs, you know, they're everywhere."
 I never could figure this one out. So which end of baby Jesus do you eat first?

Is that a beard? Five o'clock shadow? Look closely at the baby Jesus

 See, Santa really does exist. All four of them.
 In case you wondering what happened to the Andrews Sisters.
 I'm sorry. I don't understand this one, except it's apparently "rare". Good.

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Jamie said...

This is reeeeeally special! Love the moose nativity!