The $99 Deal of the Season

Here's the thing, it’s September! Yayyy. Time for new beginnings, to clean up your desk, purchase some new pencils and pens and yellow legal pads and replenish your chocolate supply. It’s Autumn, the time when publishers get back to work and editors start reading manuscripts again and decisions are made.
In the interest of this most glorious time of year I am offering a deal. A terrific deal.

For just $99 I will read and evaluate your novel synopsis and the first thirty pages of your manuscript. I will evaluate for premise, writing, plot and characterization. You will receive a letter from me along with track changes.

Yep, that’s right, just $99.

Oh and this deal is good for middle grade, YA and adult novels.

If interested please email me and we'll discuss the details. Basically you only need to send me your stuff. Easy peasy.

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