My Maine Event

Here's the thing, I just got back from Maine where I visited my daughter, Rebekah and her family. I.E. my grandsons! They are so cute I couldn't hardly stand it. My daughter Emily and I traveled by car for over ten hours from PA to ME. It was quite a journey. We had a great time  but I must say the last three hours, when we traveled across Maine was a little . . . boring. Nothing to look at except trees, miles and miles and miles and miles of trees along curving roads that were prone to moose crashes. That's right, moose crashes. So it was kind of gnarly. But we arrived, alive. Tired but alive. I spent a couple of days with my kids. What a joy. An absolute joy to be with them. Rebekah has become a terrific mother, wife and COOK! Oh my gosh can that woman cook. We made it a restful vacation and stayed close to home. We did go into the small town of Rangeley. A lovely little town with quaint shops and cafes, a public library and a small beach on the lake where we watched birds and sea planes take off. Then we saw it--the MOOSE. That's right, I was about a hundred yards from a moose. She was fabulous and hung out just long enough for us to take some snaps and revel in her glorious mooseiness. And I'm pretty sure she was a small one, although her head was about the size of a Volkswagen. She saw us, I'm sure, but she just stood there, hamming it up for the tourists and I'm certain was on her way back to report the crazy car people to her moose girlfriends. "You just won't believe it, Marge, I stood there for like five minutes and those crazy humans were awestruck at my Moosey awesomeness, because you know we really are awesome creatures."
The View New York
The View in Maine

After that we went into another town and ate really great grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. But then the day came  Emily and I had to leave. The ride back was not as easy as the ride there. We got to the George Washington Bridge--the ONLY way OUT of New York where we became wedged in a great tightness (to quote Winnie the Pooh) We were smack dab in worst traffic jam I have ever been in. Seriously, those who know me will know that I will travel miles out of my way to avoid traffic. But there was just no other way. We eventually got over the bridge and arrived home, again alive, exhausted but home. I miss my kids so much. Who are you missing?Or what jam are you currently navigating?


Pam Halter said...

No jams at the moment, but I'm anticipating the New York traffic on Friday when we take Mary back to college on Long Island. Then I'll experience a jam AND I'll be missing my girl.

But I doubt I'll see any moose.


Sissie Dale said...

So happy you got to spend some time with your family, you deserve it! BTW: I love your new web page, it's fabulous!

Nancee said...

My favorite place in the country next to Michigan! I hope to get back to Maine someday soon!
Grand Rapids, Michigan