Does it Matter?

Here’s the thing, history doesn’t matter to kids these days. Not like when I was growing up and I had it pointed out to me every time history was made. My father would wake us up at three o’clock in the morning to watch a rocket blast off into outer space, because he said, “This is history and I want you to see it.” If I tried to wake my son to watch them land Curiosity on Mars, he would have said, “Yeah, I’ll catch it on You Tube.” Something is missing from the equation. Nothing is quite as important as it once was. We have successfully landed a car on mars. I’m thinking this is a big deal, people. Mars, 155,000,000 miles away from the nearest Seven-Eleven. Do you know how many people have trouble parking a car in the grocery store parking lot, let alone on Mars. And yet, it has been done. Not only is the car roving around on Mars looking for life but it is taking snaps and sending them back to Earth. Funny how it takes twelve hours to get the Olympics results but we get pics from Mars in a few minutes. When I was a girl, history mattered. And speaking of the Olympics, something has lost its luster here also. It seems to me that the Olympics were more special years ago. We all watched. They stood for something more than smashing records and glitz and the science behind the latest Speedo. It’s just not the same anymore. The games were on every TV. During the Winter Games, televisions were brought into our classrooms so we could share in a history-making event. Now a days, it doesn’t seem to matter. Or we will catch it later. Seems to me it’s not much about individual effort as it is about technology and that frightens me. I say we go back to its origins and everyone run naked and swim naked. Now that’s a contest. Bring back the human factor. Little men in suits with starting pistols and stopwatches. Tenths of a millionths of a second don’t interest me. The humanity does. So, I wonder, what exactly is history anymore. Is it being made by scientists with fancy technology they can barely control? Or shouldn’t it be made by people striving to reach a goal—on their own. Now don’t get all upset with me. I like technology. But in my opinion, sports is sports and is only real when it comes down to athlete against athlete not Speedo against Speedo. In this case, I think advancements in science and technology detract more than it adds. Oh, that's a picture of a two-headed turtle at one of my son's favorite animal stores. No one is winning that race either.

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