The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Here’s the thing, it’s back to school week. The best time of the year for me in so many ways. I consider September the New Year. I don’t tend to be a summer person so watching the last horrid, humid, hot days slip away is bliss. I can already feel a cool snap in the air, the wind has changed. On the way to church yesterday I saw a Sugar Maple starting to turn, to burst into flames of color. This tree is always the first and I look forward to it each September. Based on this tree, I’m hoping it will be a vibrant autumn. Can you imagine Fall without color? I can’t. Living in southeastern Pennsylvania affords me many opportunities and places to see the fall colors. My kids are too old or living their own lives for this now but we used to have an autumn basket every year. The kids would bring things to add, gorgeous leaves, acorns, bits of twigs, pine cones, oak seeds, you know, the kind that you can wear on your nose or drop and they spin like tiny helicopters. Occasionally an interesting a rock and hot wheels car. And of course FOOTBAll.I love to watch the game. I'm am Eagles fan of course. Yep, School, work, sweater weather, football, what else is there.

I live near a state park so it doesn’t take much to go there and walk the well-worn paths, listening to the crunch of the fallen leaves beneath my feet. The smells of the forest come alive, musty, brown and primeval. But I get ahead of myself. Fall is not even upon us, around the corner as they say.

Tomorrow I start back at school. I am assistant in a classroom for a before and after school program and a lunch aide for kindergartner. I love the kiddoes and can’t wait to see them tomorrow. Oh, we have our struggles but mostly it’s fun. It’s matter of patience and staying calm. Best not to raise my voice—which is hard for me anyway. I am honored that I get to work these kids. They bless me in so many ways.

And it’s also back to writing, not that I ever left. But there is just something about September that makes me take it that much more seriously, makes it harder to procrastinate. I am working on finishing up edits for Harriet Beamer Takes the Bus, then it’s back to my next book for Abingdon, then the next book for Zondervan and most likely another middle grade as well. Yeah, it’s busy. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Busy is good. Fall is good. Kids are good. I wish all of you an excellent year.

Maybe I’ll make an autumn basket this year. Uhm, what should I put in it?


Linda Myers said...

You're right about September being a starting over time. From all those years in school. I want to get all the summer vegetables into the freezer, put away the summer clutter and get back to work on more substantial things.

Tracy Krauss said...

This post struck a chord with me. Fall is also my favorite time of year. Because I am a teacher by profession, it always seems like 'the beginning' of the year, not somewhere near the end.

Keisha Gilchrist-Broomes said...

September is the best thing around, I agree. I just sent my kids off on their buses this morning and am now joyfully in the mix of writing (rewriting the end of a novel that a certain master writer advised me to change - wink). An autumn basket - I might try that with the kids this season.