Does God Ever Say Sit Tight in Flood?

Here’s the thing, does God ever say, “Sit tight,” when the floodwaters are rising all around you? As pretty much everyone knows my part of the country has been under water for several days, starting with the visit from Irene and now the remnants of Lee and the disturbance of Katia or whatever the hurricane’s name is. Fortunately I’ve been geographically high and dry but witness to area creeks or criks as we call them overflowing their banks and running slip shod over the streets into back yards and filling up otherwise peaceful valleys. I saw someone pull a bass out of newly formed pond on the golf course yesterday. Yeah, it’s that weird. People are being evacuated and told to move to higher ground where it’s safe from the rising waters.

Well it doesn’t take too large an imagination to wonder what the heck is going and to cite end prophecy these days. But believe me, the end of days is not the problem. I mean seriously, if Jesus appeared this minute, I’m cool with that.
Bring on the bad weather. It’s when bad weather comes in other ways, you know what I mean, personal issues, friends struggling, the death of a loved one, financial worries that keep you up at night, kids, career, did I mention financial issues? These are the floodwaters that tend to recede a lot more slowly than Ridley Creek.

These are the waters we can’t run from. But there is higher ground. The higher ground that is Jesus. We can run to him and find safety and refuge. But some days that’s hard. Someday we want God to find a way to evacuate us from the rushing emotional tides. But he simply says, “sit tight.” That’s what’s happening for me right now. Some dangerous waters are rising all around me, there’s nowhere to go and God is simply telling me to sit tight, don’t run, don’t evacuate even though everything inside of me wants to run. But, in this case, God is the chief safety monitor, the head of flood control and I’ll listen to Him. So yeah, God does tell us to sit tight in a storm sometimes because he knows that evacuation could be worse.

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