What is Wrong With People?

Here’s the thing, I watched the national news this morning. Big mistake. The economy is apparently going belly up again—something about stocks and credit ratings I don’t pretend to understand. Philadelphia is being over run with what they call Flash Mobs—groups of youngsters beating up innocent bystanders. London is on fire. Seriously, people are rioting and breaking things, and kicking down doors and looting, turning over cars, setting fires and beating the hell out of each of each other. If only that were possible—to beat HELL out of someone and be left with well, the opposite of Hell.

I have the answer. I’ve been saying this for years. Even my pastor suggested it from the pulpit Sunday. Ready. Here it is—simple as this. Nobody goes to Sunday School anymore. That’s it, the simple answer. These kids in the flash mobs should be in church three times a week learning the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. Back when I was a kid everyone went to Sunday School, Hebrew School or Catechism classes to learn how to behave in society and love God so that He can be a blessing to them. We learned that lying is bad, shoplifting is bad, and I suppose breaking down the doors and windows of a jewelry store and looting thousands of dollars of diamonds and then setting it ablaze would be considered naughty. Don’t you think?

Now I know this sounds simplistic and there are people out there who will tell me it has more to do with socioeconomics and stuff. And yes, you are correct but I’m telling you—a few well-paced Sunday School teachers with the wrath f God and the Love of God at the ready will go far.


Richard Mabry said...

Joyce, Well-said. Now if only some of those folks would read what you've read. Matter of fact, if only they'd read...period. TV. Smart phones. iPads. It's all electronic, dumbed down to the lowest common denominator, and aimed at people with the attention span of a fruit fly.
Thanks for your words, and for the opportunity to vent some of my own frustration at the world I'll leave to my grandchildren.

Joyce Magnin said...

Thanks Doc, maybe we could start a campaign. Get folks back to Sunday School, Hebrew School--whatever.

Anonymous said...

Amen, amen, amen. All the "character education" in the world won't do a lick of good if they don't have a solid (read: Bible-based) reason to obey.

Kristen B (from the Montrose class)

PS Flash mobs are cool when they sing the Hallelujah Chorus. Rioting and looting...not so much.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Oh, my goodness, Joyce, can I make a copy of this for my mom. She is always saying this to me, and I agree. But when parents rather take their kids to hockey practice or soccer games on a Sunday morning, along with five nights a week, it makes it tough. What is wrong with parents these days is what I want to know?

Floss said...

Chris, you're right. Parents are obsessed about giving their kids an edge over others, so the more often they attend camps, practices and competitions of all sorts, the less time there is for godly instruction. BTW, it all comes back to the parents, not the church, when it comes to making the right decisions on child-rearing.