Goodnight Irene!

Here’s the thing, I might have said this before but it bears repeating under the current weather conditions here on the east coast. I am an electricity snob. There I said it. My biggest concern through this whole weekend will be that the power stays on. How shallow am I, right. Oh, I’ll make sure there’s enough peanut butter and fluff and cheese doodles to get us through for a day or two but seriously, I hate it when the lights go out. Think about it—okay, there’s always a book or six to read but no TV means no video games and I am playing Fable 2 right now which is quite cool. No air conditioning, I can deal with that. But really NO video games. This is something I cannot abide. I can make sure all my devices are charged but of course I am neurotic enough to worry—but what if the power stays off for days—how will I charge my IPhone, my IPad my MacBook? How, please someone tell me how? Do you think if I drove some place that had power they’d let me charge up? Maybe a whole herd of hamsters running in their little wheels would generate enough power? Perhaps, a household windmill?

We’ve never been through a hurricane before, well not a real one. There was something a few years ago but all I remember is the weather lady wearing a windbreaker and standing in the street in ankle high water telling us to run for cover. Blizzards? Bring ‘em on. Earthquakes? Ha, I laugh in your face. But wind and toppling power lines? Transformers blowing? Not a few of my favorite things.

Power is vital. Lights are necessary. I have deadlines to meet and well, here’s the truth. We need the light.
In so many ways.


Caroline said...

lol. We could always invest in one of these so-called schemes that allow you to create your own electricity. OR use solar (isn't that for electric . . . or maybe not). Anyhow, I've sat in a running car charging my stuff before. CAN'T do w/out electric! One of my top hated stuff.


Cindy Noonan said...

Aah yes, we need the light. By the way, my hubbie had no electricity for two days at our apartment in Hershey.