It Takes Two men and a Truck to Water the Lawn

Here’s the thing, I’m at my desk this morning working when I hear this noise outside. It was a sound that went: Squeaaaak! Grumble. Shoosh. Squeaaaak! Grumble. Shoosh. Squeaaaak! Grumble. Shoosh. Unable to bridle my curiosity any longer I went to investigate. It was a large township truck and a man in an orange shirt walking behind it. He was carrying an orange hose. He was watering the pretty flowers and trees along the street.That's them in the picture. It made me think. Geeze. All that manpower to water the plants. And that got me thinking even more, leave it to the men to figure out how to build a giant machine to water the azaleas or whatever they are—they’re pink mostly. And that got me thinking if the men had the babies that's probably how they’d bathe them. Just line all the children up on the street. A big struck drives slowly past while another man sprays them down. Job done. Go home.


Caroline said...

LOL So right! Leave it to the men; they'll get it done (eventually)- right or wrong!

You made me smile. Needed that. :)
Your editor having any special one day mtgs this year?


Tracy Krauss said...

Nice! Your post put a smile on my face!