Calling All Reviewers

Here’s the thing, I’ve decided to ask for help. Well not help exactly just some plugs, reviews, endorsements, happy statements, a few positive sentences from all of you guys who have read Griselda Takes Flight. Apparently it’s really important to get reviews on Amazon so I am asking any of you who have read Griselda to please, pretty please post an honest review on Amazon for me. If you do, I will send you not only a Bright’s Pond map but also this month’s feature recipe from the upcoming Bright’s Pond Pie Book. It’s a delicious strawberry/rhubarb and comes with a recipe for the best crust recipe in the entire world. And everyone knows, crust can be tough to make. Sooooo, please, post a review. Give Griselda a few stars and let’s watch Griselda’s rating zoom. And then after you post your review, go have a slice of pie. Oh, and all the reviewers who post reviews in the next week or so will be entered in a drawing to win a free, autographed copy of the next Bright’s Pond novel releasing September 1—Blame It On The Mistletoe. It’s a Christmas story, which will also needs some reviews. So, yes, as Joni Mitchell said, "And the carousel goes round and round and the painted ponies go up and down," but please, review me. Ok, no more groveling. Thank you.

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splashesofjoy said...

Hi Joyce, I rec'd your book Griselda Takes Flight from Abingdon Press to review. I've read it and will post a review on my blog in the next few days. I also will post on Amazon Books A Million and CBD. Would you be available later to do an interview on my blog? I will send you the questions. And do you have books that you could give one away to one of my bloggers when I do the interview? This would really help spread the word about your book. Just let me know.