I'll Fall Asleep Counting My Blessings

Here’s the thing, February was quite a month for me. To begin with I learned that my middle grade novel, Carrying Mason is going to be published in hardback. Hardback! I dreamed of having a book with a dust jacket ever since I was nine years old. Yikes.
I took an extended leave of absence (I might not go back) from my school job so I can concentrate on my writing career. Pretty scary but it had to be done. Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself, your talent and abilities and of course God who is charge of it all anyway. I am getting ready for my sister, Barbara to come next week for an extended visit as she undergoes some pretty significant surgery. Again, I just have to thank Jesus that I am able to be here for her.
Thirdly, I am also waiting for my dear friend and cohort Nancy Rue (awesome writer btw) to arrive on Thursday and then we’re traveling to a writer’s retreat in Maryland with the world's best writing support group.
Fourthly, I had this great meeting with some great friends to discuss a new and exciting plan, direction for my work and teaching. Stay tuned. Good things on the horizon.
Fifth, I put together a neat new dresser I bought at Ikea. It’s reddish. I love it. My friend Leslee gave me some really cool socks and a pair of Chucks. Man, I have some of the best friends on the planet. My dear daughter, Rebekah sent me a terrific recipe for bread. Yayyy. I reached the next level in Angry Birds. My bff Pammy continues to encourage and remind me that I'm worth hanging around. I got a new pub photo. My daughter Emily and I finished her Fafsa. I found a dear sweet funny amazing friend from high school on Facebook and we got together last week. What a great time we had. My son Adam and I went out for lunch and it was very sweet. I learned that my blood sugar is a teensy bit elevated but my cholesterol is terrific.
Reviews of the new Bright’s Pond Book, Griselda Takes Flight are coming in and they’re pretty good.
Publisher's weekly did a Profile of me and my writing in their Feb. 28th edition. I lost another five pounds. All in all it was a pretty good month. Sometimes it really works wonders to look at the blessings along the way.


Caroline said...

Sounds like a super wonderful month. Congratulations!


Marti Pieper said...

Excited to see those blessings flow. Think I shall do some counting of my own!

Marti Pieper said...

Oh, did you change the title from this morning or did I just miss it?

I LOVE "White Christmas"! And guess what song is now stuck in my head?

Then again--that's not such a bad idea. May many more blessings come your way soon.

Pam Halter said...

Marti, I'm singing now, too!

I love you, BFF!!!! Sooooo thankful for you in my life!

And you'll have to deal with the exclamation points. ;)

Tracy said...

I stopped by your blog after seeing the title on another friend's blog; who says titles aren't important! I count my blessings as well :)
It sounds like you've had a very busy time and good for you for your success of publishing. I signed a contract in November tohave my first book published and am excited beyond words; it still doesn't seem real...
I look forward to stopping back...congrats on your weight loss as it is a great accomplishment!

robyn blaikie collins said...

i want to see teh reddish dresser!!
and read your books :) i'll check them out. i have several readers in my family so we will get good use! hope your writers retreat is amazing... just the sound of it sounds dreamy!!