Snow Days!

Here's the thing, we are expecting a moderate snow storm to roll through tonight that should dump at least five maybe more inches of snow. Woo Hoo. SNOW DAY. I work in a school so I will have the day off--WITH PAY. It doesn't get much better than that. The possibility was the main topic of conversation at school today. Teachers walking down the halls crossing their fingers and saying things like, "I hope it's a snow day," or "Please. if there is a God in heaven let it be a day off." It could turn out to be a two-hour delay. Which I hate. It just makes my day longer and I have to deal with thirty sopping wet kids who can't get their snow boots off. So, yeah I'm hoping for a snow day. But here's the thing. It's not the same anymore. I remember when I was a kid in school waking up, seeing all the glorious, wonderful white stuff outside and my sister and I racing to the radio to see if the announcer called our school number. I still remember it--452. It was so exciting to hear your number called. The only thing more exciting was waking up on Christmas morning. Kids don't have the excitement anymore. Now I get a global connect phone call at five AM, an email, the announcement scrolls across the TV and it's on the school web site. It's not the same. It made me wonder what other little joys our kids are missing out on because of technology.


Catherine said...

I LOVED waking up and finding out it was a snow day.

I wish I had today off. I got an email yesterday that read, "It might be a state of emergency tomorrow, or at the very least, dangerous as hell for you to come in tomorrow, so we've made the following 'preparations' - 1. You get to wear JEANS. 2. The entire office besides our floor has the good sense to stay home, which includes the cafe. So we're ordering you pizza. oooooh. 3. Drive safe out there! 4. Oh, and do try and be on time, please?"

So yeah, after waiting until past noon for my street to even get plowed, I called and said no dice, I'm staying home. I'll probably hear about it tomorrow.

These are the days when I wish I was still a kid. Or that I could be a full time writer and work from home - EVERY DAY.


Joyce Magnin said...

HA, I know what you mean Catherine. I got to school and everyone was grumpy. The roads were dangerous. It was a mess. LIke it would really hurt to close the school for a day--I mean that is why we have snow days built in to the calendar. Sheesh.