Top Ten Rants Right Now

Here’s the thing, I’ve never done a rant list but here goes. Ten things that infuriate me. Or at least bug me.

People in a crowded grocery store who think they’re the only one shopping. Come on! Just pick a can or move to the side already.

Drivers who make a right hand turn just as you’re approaching the intersection in the left lane, scare the bejeebers out of you because it looks like they might just turn into your lane and then they try and creep over. Yikes. Give it another two seconds you’ll get there.

This odd penchant Americans have of combining names of dating couples and words forming such undesirables as Frenemy. What the heck is that?

The cost of a banana at Starbucks. A dollar? Are you kidding me? They should be giving them away.

Drivers who want to go fast in a school lane. Really?

Why do some people think if they splash on enough harsh cologne to mask whatever other smell they are hiding is all right to do in a doctor’s waiting room.

The misuse of the words, literally and ignorant.

Election years. Political advertising and well, politicians in general.

The very mean lady at the dollar store the other day. I mean really, lady, why did you even come to this country if all you want to do is gripe about Americans. Sheesh.

And the fact that I still have a week to wait before the release of Fable III. You have to play RPGs to understand.

So what’s bugging you?


Chris Loehmer said...

Yup, pretty much all of that drives me nuts. And also people who are horrible parents, and yet they keep having kids.

Murr Brewster said...

Was there a little disconnect there between #1 (GET A MOVE ON!) and #2 (WAIT A FEW SECONDS!)?

Joyce Magnin said...

Ha Maybe Murr, it's amazing how quickly rivers become pedestrians--whole new set of rules. Hey, that's another blog post. thanks!

Pam Halter said...

I hate election ads, too.

My biggest pet peeve (which I rant about all year long) is people who decorate WAY TOO EARLY for a holiday!! It's only October, for goodness sake, don't put up your Christmas lights! In fact, don't decorate for Christmas until AFTER THANKSGIVING!!