The Wednesday Night JOY-ce Ride (and Thursday)

Here’s the thing, I just got back from the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference. It was as always a great, fun time of learning and fellowship and praising God for all the year’s writerly blessings. I love to teach and get very attached to my clinic people (more on that later). It is also an opportunity to catch-up with other authors who I only get to see once or twice a year and to meet some for the very first time. We chat via email and FB but have never actually met, or we share an agent but have never met face-to-face. So, writer’s conferences do so much more than teach aspiring writers the craft. They really are a small world unto themselves that writer’s get to enter a few times each year.
And every year a couple of things stand out that will remain with me forever and possibly become book fodder down the road. This year’s most memorable event was of course, the Wednesday Night JOY-ce Ride. I realized I had left my blood pressure meds at home and that I had forgotten to feed Cosmo—my son’s Russian Tortoise. So, I decided I had no choice but drive home. I asked my friend Phoebe to tag a long and Pammy and Lauren and we were getting ready to go when I caught up with a new friend, Marti Pieper—she was one of the folks I was excited to meet thinking that I would make an awesome first impression since authors have reputations to consider. But, well, little did she know. I invited Marti to ride along with us.
We piled into my little car and off we went on a ride that ordinarily takes about forty minutes. Long story short, it took well over an hour because we hit traffic that gave new meaning to the word slow, although I did see the splendid irony in the fact that I was stuck in sloooooowwww moving traffic on my way to feed a tortoise. Other highlights of the trip down the Boulevard was the sinister looking white SUV with the vanity plate of RMD RBBRY. We figured him to be an armed robber with a serious ego, not to mention a lot of Hutzpah. Then there was the strange low-rider vehicle that cruised next to us for a good bit with three women inside, one that was overly engaged with a stuffed monkey. She and the monkey looked very happy together. And of course the stop at Rita's for water ice. My friend Marti, being from Florida had never met Rita before but I know she's glad she did now. Rita Rocks! We got to my place and we all shlepped up the fire escape. Bet you didn't expect that girls.
I felt so bad for the people I had invited. It was quite late by the time we got there, but hey, not everyone gets to see where the Bright's Pond magic happens. I fed Cosmo, snagged my meds then off we went back to PBU. The ride back was not nearly as long. But and here’s the kicker, the next morning I went to take my medication and couldn’t find it. I went into this freaky reality/dream thing, thinking that maybe I never drove back to the apartment, maybe the night never happened. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find my drugs. So, that morning I was scheduled to spend some time with my editor and guess what we did? Well, we didn’t drive back home, no we spent nearly the same amount of time however trying to find a CVS so I could get a few pills to get me through the weekend. Geeze, double JOY-ce rides in one week. That doesn’t happen much—oh, well, then again, this is me we’re talking about.


Marti Pieper said...

Ah, but Joyce, you forgot to mention the amazing stop at Rita's (I don't know who Rita is, but she rocks!), the monkey-loving Grandma, and the ARMD RBR vanity plate. I expect to find one or more of those in an upcoming novel. Long ride short: We all enjoyed seeing the place where the magic happens--and Cosmo gets fed. Blessings!

Joyce said...

Thanks Marti, you are such a good editor. I added that sweet stuff.

Caroline said...

And it was fun to meet you during the clinic! As a side note about turtles, our dog, Mackie, came dragging one around the house the other day (not for the first time). Hubby rescued turtle and all ended well--turtle wise.

Loved the license plate. Hmmm. Can I steal the tho't?


Phoebe said...

Ah, yes, the women with the monkey that kept invading our driving space haha I can't think of a more interesting way to spend an evening at a conference XD

Pam Halter said...

Road Trip! Road Trip!