Arthur and Me

Here’s the thing. I made an observation this weekend. Did you ever notice how quickly we go from being a driver to being a pedestrian? One minute you’re safely tucked away in your vehicle. The next minute you park, step out of the car and whamo! You are a pedestrian and all the rules, the mindset changes. It’s instantaneous. Just moments ago you were the one annoyed by slow walking pedestrians and now you are the very annoyance you were annoyed ( if you were annoyed) at moments before. Weird.
But that’s not really what I wanted to talk about today. Today I am officially going under. I have a book to finish in a couple of months—the fourth Bright’s Pond book. That just amazes me. Four novels. This one is called Blame it on the Mistletoe and that’s right—it’s a Christmas story. Without giving too much away—a Christmas love story of Bright’s Pond. It’s sweet and quirky and fun and sentimental and all that good stuff that readers like.
The other day I was watching a tv show about tv pioneers—all the truly amazing people who made television what it is today—Red Skelton, Milton Berle, Imogene Coca, Sid Ceaser and Arthur Godfrey among others.
As I watched the segment of Godfrey it occurred to me that the same qualities people related to in Arthur they relate to in the Bright’s Pond novels—quirky, gentle, smart, folksy. Even back then when life was slower and less technological people needed and enjoyed a relaxed tone, a quiet humor. I guess you could say that Bright’s Pond is the Arthur Godfrey of today. Like him I want to capture Americana at its best--warts and all.
But, I say all that to say that my posts might become less than daily for a little bit because I really need to go under the writing spell and get my work done. But please check in. I might find something to talk about—probably, I’m almost certain.
IN the mean time, talk among yourselves and keep in touch, eat pie, pet a dog and do a random act of kindness today.

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