To Chuck or Not to Chuck. You Decide

Here’s the thing, I haven’t blogged about it yet because it took a few days to settle into my brain. And I reckon most of you already know, but The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow has been named a finalist for the prestigious ACFW Carol Award in the contemporary long division. I’m thrilled and maybe a bit stunned. I was never very good at accepting compliments and this, my loyal listeners is a huge one. I cried. Okay, there I said it. I cried when I saw my name. Well, actually I stared at the screen for a bout five minutes without blinking. Then I called my editor. She was in the car and couldn’t double check for me. But she did later and confirmed what I thought I was seeing was what I really saw. I am so honored. I am in such amazing, talented company. Congratulations to all the finalists. Bravo!!!
And I am going to the ACFW conference this September where I will attend the awards banquet. And this my friends, brings up an important questions and your chance to vote. Yes or no. Do I wear my trademark Chuck Taylor All Stars to the awards banquet?
Yes or No?
Oh, and someone out there offered to Bedazzle my Chuck Taylors All Stars. Whoever you are? Is the offer still good?


Marti Pieper said...

This is SO not worthy of debate. Chucks are part of your brand, Ms. Magnin. A Joyce without Chucks is like Bright's Pond without pie (or lemon squares).

Chuck on! (although bedazzling would be a sweet touch)

Phoebe said...


Joyce Magnin said...

yeah i figured it was a silly question!