Magnin Family Encyclopedia of Quirkdom

Here's the thing,
• My mother was present at the birth of the world’s most incredible toy—The Slinky. (thanks loree lough for the memory)
• My mother once acted in a radio soap opera.
• My mother sang a duet with Frank Sinatra.
• My mother was fired from a job for giving away sensitive war secrets during WWII. Something about Shrimp Boats.
• My mother paid to have a baby robin’s leg amputated and then the bird lived with us.
• We owned a Flying Squirrel named Johnny Rocket
• My father once fished a trout out of a toilet.
• My father once accidentally walled-up a kitty cat behind a customer’s bathtub and had to rescue it at 2:00 in the morning.
• My brother stepped on our pet parakeet—yuck!
• One of my favorite toys was a pheasant foot.
• My sister was a singing waitress at a summer Bible Conference camp.
• I once worked as a dog-groomer—for one day! It wasn’t pretty.
• My father once flew to Paris, France after an argument with my mother because he needed some fresh air.
• My sister’s dog-in-law once appeared on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show as Napoleon The Talking Dog.
• My father saved the Upper Darby bus terminal from certain disaster by using his body to block sewage from flowing into a bunch of electrical thingamabobs.
• My mother made me show my impressive appendix scar to some of the church ladies during a Church Potluck. I was 16—it doesn’t get any more mortifying than that as church memories go.
• A tree surgeon died in my front yard (I was 12 years old) after cutting through high voltage wires. Which is weird considering my life now.
• I won a Chicken Man costume contest when I was 14. My mother made a head and beak from a Clorox bottle. Odd but painfully true.
• My dog, Polly rode the mail truck with our letter carrier and helped deliver the mail. They were good friends.

How about you--what's in your family closet?


Caroline said...

LOL. Joyce your family sounds crazy and wonderful. Did your mother really sing w/FSinatra?

I'll have to think up some of my own quirkisms. :)

Good post.

Joyce Magnin said...

Thanks Caroline. Yep they were crazy but in a good way--most of the time. Creative, smart, silly.And yep, Flossie sang with Frank Sinatra. He was young and just getting his career going. My mother was a senior in high school. He visited the school and she won a singing a contest. they cut a record together. wish it still existed.

Marti Pieper said...

Man. I leave on a missions trip and look at all the good stuff I miss. My Grandma's name was Flossie, Joyce. In my former life as a dental hygienist, that made for some humor in itself.

Of course I don't have as many quirky stories but the first writing contest I won was in third grade--for the local humane society! My first real job was as a waitress at a truck stop named "Royal Castle." It was neither royal nor a castle (although the pie and German Chocolate Cake weren't too bad). As a student at Ohio State, I once made the front page of the Columbus Dispatch. I fell off a homecoming float and hit my head. And yes, that explains a lot.

Looking forward to Philly!