In Pursuit of the Dreaded Synopsis

Here’s the thing, writing a synopsis is like pulling you eye teeth out through your ears. Flannery O’Connor said that if you can condense your novel into such few words, then why write the whole thing. Although I tend to agree with this (perhaps it’s because I hate writing them) I do understand the need. So, that’s where I’m at right now with a certain project. It’s easier to do after the whole novel has been written but when you still have 90,000 words to go it get’s a little weird. But alas and alack, I am bending my brain in all directions trying to write the thing.

Well, it got me to thinking. What if I was asked to give a synopsis of my entire life (up until now, I am not dead yet). Where would I start, what highlights and lowlights would I spotlight? What if I only had ten minutes to tell my story or say, face some unspeakable torture. These are the game s I play. Write the synopsis or be subjected to seventeen hours of Neil Diamond. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not working.

Then of course I could try rewards. If you write this synopsis you can got to Ritas and get a gelato. Still not working. The best advise I ever got about the process came from my dear friend Lisa Samson who said I should imagine that I am sitting around a campfire with my friends and I have fifteen minutes to tell the story. How would I do it? That works, usually. But not today. I think this story has so many, shall we say, stops along the way that I’m finding it very difficult to sum it up.

But I procrastinate. Hence the blog on how hard it is. But as they say, most things in life that are worth doing come with a little pain. Like babies and root canal. So I will go now and make attempt number seventy-three at writing a synopsis for Harriet Beamer Takes the Bus. Intrigued?

The picture? Oh, that's Karen Kingsbury waving to me. Just for fun. I wonder how she writes a synopsis. She probably doesn't have to anymore. Oh, to be there.

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Pam Halter said...

I was there when KK waved!! hee hee hee