Exciting Announcement

Here's the thing, I love my blog but it occurred to me that you folks are only getting part of the story. There's so much more going on that I decided to start an E-Newsletter and E-Promotion thingamabob. I sent my first E-Newsletter, I call it Joyce to the World, out yesterday and it was pretty cool. Truthfully I didn't put everything I wanted into it because I am still exploring those details. But if you would like to start receiving these thingamabobs then please, sign-up using the nifty little form on the right and I'll start sending you stuff. Newsletter, contest alerts, pertinent information concerning my novels, information of some issues I'm passionate about. All the good stuff. And if you're lucky, some pictures of my son and grandsons. They are so cute.

Now, here's the exciting part, not that the above stuff isn't wonderful, but I am going to be giving some of you aspiring and even already aspired-to writers out there an opportunity to get published in my newsletter. Hey, it's a great way to get read and start some landings, you know. I will be accepting short (very short--600 words) stories--fiction or non, poetry, recipes, good clean jokes--like this one. How come cannibals never eat clowns? Because they taste funny!. HA. Listen a lot of people read my blog so dust off those jokes, come up with a funny or sweet or charming anecdotal story, a recipe, maybe a book review and send it to me. Of course there will be no payment, just glory, fame, your kids will be so proud and that's payment enuf.

Also, here's some other news. The Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference is less than a month away. have you signed-up. NO? Then go and do that. I will be leading my popular novel writer's clinic again. So if you want to spend a weekend honing your draft and your craft, yakking about writing and meeting my secret guest star, then you better sign-up. Space is limited so if you're even part way through your novel, this clinic is for you. And listen, if you sign-up as a result of my blog and you bring me a hot mocha from Starbucks or a regular Dunkin Donuts coffee with just cream to the first clinic--you get a free copy of my second Bright's Pond novel. Pretty sweet, the deal, not the coffee. And hey, the coffee is just a suggestion. But go now to the conference website and sign-up. Even if you're not ready for my clinic, sign-up for the other fabulous workshops, for heaven's sake, Susan Meisner, Wanda Dyson, among others. Go Now!

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