Doing Good Pie

Here's the thing, if you've read the bright's Pond Books you know that pie plays a significant role in the stories. Pie to me is the ultimate comfort treat. It comes in so many varieties and can be eaten so many ways--with ice cream, cheese, whipped cream, goodness Pie rocks. My favorite is apple, deep dish with the apples baked exactly correctly with just the right amount of sweet and tart. Nothing like it. Although I would never turn away a good berry pie. Flossie, my mother was the ultimate pie baker. We still talk about the cherry pie of 1982. It was perfect in every way,
But right now, I am looking for three or four pie recipes to include in my next newsletter or to offer as prizes to folks who order Charlotte FiggTakes Over Paradise. Charlotte is the ultimate pie baker in the book.
So, if you have a recipe or two, please send it to me. If I try it and like it, I will send you a copy of Charlotte when it releases and your recipe will be featured on my website and my newsletter. Pretty sweet. You'll be famous!
So send me those recipes. Please. Oh, they should be pretty much original.

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christa said...

Not sure if I have pie recipes, but if you ever need any for cheesecakes...

BTW--you need one of those "share" things where we can TWEET your posts...and thanks for helping out!