Block Party!

Here’s the thing, we had a block party Saturday in my neighborhood. Interesting phenomenon the Block Party. For those of you who don’t know this concept, a block party is an event in which a street is barricaded from traffic and people take over. It’s like the animals at the zoo being set free to roam and party. Every child on the street comes out to play. I counted forty-five children—twelve from one family, nah, just kidding, Doreen only has five. But still. Barbecues are lined up along the curb, tables and tents assembled, lawn furniture comes off the lawns and decks and onto the street, music blares from speakers, and a lot of beer gets drunk, drank? drinked? Ours was terrific. Neighbors who otherwise only wave or say a few words throughout the year get an opportunity to sit and catch up, new neighbors come out and meet the old neighbors and get the lowdown on the community. I think the block party is a great invention. As near as I can research the block party has its origin in New York during WWI when streets were blocked from traffic and people assembled to play patriotic music and sing patriotic songs to honor members of the community going off to war. The block party has changed since then. Heck, we’ll throw a block party for any reason, graduations are big, milestone birthdays, even wedding receptions have taken the form of a block party. Why rent a hall when you can block off an entire street?
I had a great time, my son had a great time running around, chasing the other boys, shooting Nerf guns, water balloons were tossed. He won the Jello eating contest.

The new Bright's Pong book, Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise, has a huge block party at the Paradise Trailer Park. Of course things go a little awry but, well, you need to read the book. And please do. It's available for pre-sale.

So, it got me thinking. I was wondering if I could throw a Bright’s Pond Block Party. If I figure out how to do it, will you come?

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Pam Halter said...

I'll be there!!! Woooooooooo!!!