Take Me to Your Leader

Here’s the thing. I upgraded my phone a couple of weeks ago. I went from a Blackberry to a Droid—for free, totally free, no money. What a hoot. A Droid. I actually own something called a Droid. It’s so . . . space-age. I mean I really thought, when I was ten, that by the year 2010 we’d all be driving hover-craft and moving sidewalks would have taken the place of cement. We’re not there yet, but I must say, I love my Droid. It has so many cool features and apps that I could spend all day looking through them. I’ve already downloaded the barcode reader, a task list thing, a couple of games, a note taker, the voice part of the GPS so it talks to me now and will keep me company on long trips to book signings or even for walks around the neighborhood. It just cracks me up.

The downside of course is that it has the potential to be a tremendous time-sucker distraction. So I have to limit my playtime. But that’s okay. I figure I’ll get kind of bored with it soon enough and it will be there for a purpose not for play. But right now, I am having fun, feeling very modern. My daughter said I was doing really well with technology for a woman my age—this after she helped me figure out the GPS. I could have done it myself. I just wanted to give Emily the opportunity to show-off (um cough).

But, I suppose in technology as in life no good thing can come without a down-side. The Droid’s battery is awful. Go figure—if they can build something this incredible why in the world can they not make a battery that lasts more than a few minutes—or so it seems. I mean really, why? Someone help me understand why the battery is so short-lived. I mean the battery in my MacBook Pro lasts forever! The battery in my old HP last ten minutes. What gives? Someone explain this to me. Aren’t batteries pretty much the same?


Caroline said...

They program these things to whether you really, really like (Love!) something, or really, really need (must have!) something. The more you need/like it, the less power goes w/it. Creates a desperate feeling that we humans suffer w/at times. (Envision smug smile on machine/battery)

That's the key: don't let the machines (batteries, computers, phones, etc, etc.) know: (whisper) they have brains!

LOL. Have fun!

prashant said...

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