Narrative Destiny

Here's the thing, today I am officially hanging out the old shingle. After years of writing, teaching, reading and studying I have decided to share what I know about writing with aspiring authors. I have started a little thing I like to call Narrative Destiny. If you want to be a novelist but keep getting turned down or if you simply don't know what to do next or even if you can't quite put your finger on the issues, then Narrative Destiny could hold the answers.

You can check out the details here.

I am also offering a special set of critiques and discussions dedicated to the difficult subject of VOICE. It's one of my favorite writing issues to study. Call me crazy, but I like to wrangle with this illusive and often confusing aspect of an author's craft.

You can learn more about my special Voice Lessons here.

Here's what one student has said:“Joyce helped me work out a plan (for my novel) that was doable, and felt more creative. I could also see some obvious problems with the manuscript that I did not see before and I think this was a result of learning to look from above the work instead of from the vortex. (or would that be better worded outside than inside?). No - vortex is a much stronger word and communicates the way I feel while I’m working.” Karen Deikun


Priscilla said...

Like your website and your "shingle."

prashant said...

I like your this post.
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