Easter 1966

Here's the thing. That's me with my Mama and my dog Polly. If you look closely enough you'll see my sister, Elaine horsing around in the back. Please note the Princess Leia hair-do. Mom was so creative. George Lucas consulted her about Princess Leia's hair. Mom did it first. BTW, check the gams on my mother. I remember the day my father took the picture. I was only smiling becuase the sun was bright. Yet, as I think back I'm pretty sure I insisted on the yellow dress from JC Penney and matching yellow socks. Hey, it was Easter and we were on our way to church.I look like a daffodil.


Pam Halter said...

Ohmygosh!! We really are sisters! I used to wear my hair like that in jr. high. HA!!!!

Read.Write.Pray/Marti Pieper Blog said...

We have way too many of those front-porch, squinting-into-the-son pictures, too. And pastel socks to match a pastel dress--it's been a while since I've thought about those. Or wanted to think about them.
Happy (early) Easter!