Life Critters, Yikes!

Here's the thing, we all know about critique groups. Most writers belong to one or have been in one at some time. Including me. I belong. Gee it's nice to belong isn't it? Writers can feel so outside the norm of human existence that having a place to belong is great. The critique group, it's what separates writers from, say Bole Weavels. But I got to thinking this morning about this subject and it made me wonder, what would it be like if we had crit groups for life? Ha! What a riot. Could you imagine getting together once a month with a group of people eager and willing to critique your progress thus far over scones and coffee. Uhm, I hate to say this Joyce but I didn't particularly care for your choice of words when you had that talk with your son. You used way too many adjectives. And that was a really crappy transition the other day when you just walked out of the room while your husband was talking to you. It left me feeling unfinished. But then again, the occasional, hey that was great line you got off the other day. I laughed until I peed my pants or I appreciated the way you managed to SHOW Adam the correct way to handle that situation and didn't just TELL him. Uhm, show verses tell works in real life also.
How about you? What would your life critters say?


Denise Miller Holmes said...

I enjoy your blog, Joyce.

Pam Halter said...

Yikes! Does this mean there would be little cameras in every room of my house? Except the bathroom, of course. HA!! Can you imagine how BORING it would be to know every detail of everyone's life? With the occasional juicy tid-bit, of course.

I'll stick with my writer's crit group and let the life crit group pass me by.