In the Belly of the Snowbeast

Here’s the thing, I was lying in bed in the predawn hours listening to the blustery wind howling and blowing snow around and feeling for all the world like a pioneer woman out on the prairie with just her shotgun, a hound dog and a cooking pot when I realized I would have made a lousy pioneer woman after I prayed, "Please God, don't
let the power go out." Then I opened my eyes and basked in the comfort of the alien abduction ambience of the street light and my neighbor's bazillion watt security floodlight pouring through the windows. Ah, the 21st century.
I can handle seventy inches of snow and drifts of six feet as long as I have electricity, as long as that magical wonderful juice, the elixir of all things technological is coursing through the house doing whatever the heck it does to give me light, heat, make my laptop do its thing, allow me to play a video game and discover untold treasures hidden in the vast RPG world. My heart goes out to the thousands currently without power, stuck in the belly of the snowbeast unable to warm their tootsies on the radiator or get online! OMGoodness. What would I do without the power? Uhm. Yep, that's right, I'm stretching for some deep spiritual insight here as I wax philosophical about the biggest snowfall ever! Ever! They say in Philadelphia history. The weather dude said it again this morning. "This has been the snowiest winter ever!" I just know there will be guys on the street corners selling tee shirts that read, "I survived the blizzard of 2010."
Anyhoo, back to the power thing. I freely admit that I am an electricityaholic. I need the stuff like a crack addict needs a fix, like Aunt Jemima needs syrup, like Godiva needs chocolate. When the power goes out I feel anxious and lost. I scurry around like a rat looking for candles and flashlights that always, always have no batteries. (please no lecture on my lack of emergency planning, I know, I know.) I've got PECO (the electric company) on speed dial so I can keep checking with them about when the power will be restored. It's not good, folks.
And yes, it's the same with my spiritual life. When I go for a time without prayer, without warming my tootsies in God's light I become anxious and withdrawn. I have trouble finding my way. I need the power that can only be found in the power that is my relationship with Jesus. I have to stay plugged in to him. The trouble is that God's power never goes out. It's always me that unplugs the cord or lets a tree limb fall on my faith knocking out the power. And believe me, life is full of broken limbs just waiting to fall on your nice sunny day. But stay plugged in to the main power grid that is God and you'll always have a chainsaw to cut through the fallen trees and a warm place to go even if the heat goes out. God said it, He is light. Bask in it today.
(Just as an aside, how much you wanna bet that the power will go out today because I blogged about it? Yeah I'm neurotic like that. But really, I know I'm no that powerful. I'm just saying . . .)

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