Physics, Names and Meandering?

Here's the thing, I read this amazing and incredibly well-thought-out review of my book the other day. I think she liked it although she had some criticisms and one that I want to address directly, well, two, no make it three points I need to explain. But first let me say thank you to this woman. She did a great job and I thoroughly appreciate the time she took to write.
The simplest one first. She said I failed to respond to her email about offering comment. I am so sorry. I did receive the email but it was in the middle of a very busy time and frankly it just slipped through the colander that is my brain these days. Sorry.
This reader seemed concerned that I did not really explain why God chose to answer Agnes's prayers the way he did and not the townspeople's. Uhm. No, I guess I didn't but I really didn't think I needed to. God answers prayers the way he sees fit and not because of who we are. This reviewer also seemed to say that Agnes's incredible prayer life was some kind of reward or payment for her obesity. I don't believe I ever intimated that. For all I know God could have used her in this way if she was, as my Mom would say, a skinny minny or have three legs. God is indeed no respecter of persons. Agnes's obesity was her struggle from childhood and yes, the event in her past that exacerbated the obesity was crucial to the story but I in no way meant to imply that God gave her this gift of being a prayer warrior because of it. This was Agnes's choice. God simply saw fit to bless and use her in the way he did—in the manifestation of miracles. He used her to bring the rest of the town to their knees, to make them see their need to pray and not use Agnes as their pipeline to heaven.
She also said the book meandered. Uhm, really? Haven't heard that before. Some said the twist in the middle was shocking and unexpected but no one else has said it meandered. Did it?
The reviewer liked my characters. Thank you. I love characters.
But she hated the names. Uhm, she's the first person to have anything to say about the names. What about you guys. Were you okay with the names. I know they're a little oddball but here's the thing. They come that way. I never sit down and go through a baby name book or the telephone and search for names. Honestly, Studebaker came named, Vidalia arrived at my doorstep with that name. Anyone else hate the names? Did the story meander. Did Agnes upset you?


Leah Morgan said...

I commented on the post you made reference to before reading your take on it. I wanted to be unbiased. See my thoughts along with my rave reviews on the name choices.

christa said...

I adored the names!

Renee said...

I think the names gave credence to the small town setting. It wasn't set in suburbia where names come from the top 10 list of the year.

I saw Agnes' prayer life as her self-inflicted penitence for her wrongdoing in the past.

Joyce said...

YEs! Renee. You got it. It was pennance. IT was pennance all along!!!! ~ Thank you! Joyce

Darrene said...

I just finished your book and loved it. I loved the small town and saw resemblance to where I grew up.

The story was thought provoking and entertaining, but not overly deep. Maybe I missed some things?

It would be fun to look deeper, later on, but for now I just want to enjoy the story.

Also, who am I to judge anything in the book? It's your story! Thanks for writing it and sharing it.

Denise Miller Holmes said...

I love unique and/or humorous names. Here's to your creativity!

Pam Halter said...

Did the reviewer realize this is a FICTION novel? It seems she's asking questions as though it all really happened.

I love your character names.