Hanging Out My Shingle

Here's the thing, besides writing, my most favorite thing to do is teach. I especially enjoy working with new authors who are wanting to get into this crazy world of publishing. So, I've decided to offer a critique/editorial service for those of you who are maybe not quite there yet with your current project. I promise, I'm honest but gentle and very, very patient. Just ask a few of my victims--er, I mean clients. The bad news is that as much as I would love to offer to do this for free, no fee, pro bono, I just can't and you know, I think when you pay for something it means a whole lot more. Not that I will charge you an arm and a leg, maybe just an arm but we can discuss a fee schedule and see where we go. So, if you are writing a novel for adults or children and you think you could use some help and believe me, we all needed help at some point, get in touch with me and we'll get started. I will send you endorsements from authors I have worked with if you want.

And that's not all, along this same line I have also been thnking about offering a full weekend Novel Writing Intensive in which you get to work with me in a group, a small group and also one to one with moi. How does that sound? I currently do a similar workshop at The Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference but we would have a lot more time to do it separately. And yes, I will still do my now famous Novel Clinic at Philly. We had a blast.

If you think this might interest you, please drop me an email and let's talk.


christa said...

Awesome idea, Joycie!

Priscilla said...

Yes--nothing better than working one on one or even four on one on an almost finished novel. Why not make it the best it can be?