Where's the Remote?

Here's the thing, I cannot find the remote for the Christmas tree. This is seriously bumming me out. My son, Adam, wired the entire house to light up with glorious Christmas merriment with a click of the remote switch. Bravo Adam! This morning I got up gloriously early wanting a nice cup of coffee and to sit by the tree in the wee hours and . . . think . . . about stuff. I searched everywhere, the couch, behind chairs, the kitchen, the porch, everywhere. The remote is nowhere. If you've seen it could you please return it. Thank you.
Okay, it is now an hour later. I jsut vaccuumed the entire house. No remote. So I climbed under the tree, unplugged averything and plugged it back into the wall. I miss my remote. Too much bending. But I have faith. It will resurface.

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