It's The Most Wonderful Idea of the Year

Here's the thing, FREE is good, especially when it comes to books. So, in honor of The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow being selected as a best book for 2009, Abingdon Press is offering it as a FREE, that's right, I said FREE, Kindle download all this week. You don't have to have a Kindle to download it. You can download it right to your PC. So, go on, download it and start reading Agnes today. Let me know if you do.


Susan said...

I did, I did! Just finished reading it on my Kindle. What a wonderful discovery in the Kindle Top Sellers (I guess Kindle readers are thrifty; the good free books always end up in the Top Sellers). Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hey Joyce .. I stayed up till 1AM to finish up with Agnes and Griselda and loved it! I would love to visit Bright's Pond for just a bit .. what a respite it would be ..:)
Congratulations on the book (and yes, I did get it on my Kindle .. what a treat!)


Joyce said...

Thank you Lori, Thank you Susan. If you liked Agnes look for the next Bright's Pond book releasing next fall. It's called Charlotte Figg Takes OVer Paradise. If you guys send me your physical addys I wills end you the map of Bright's Pond--singned of course. Email me at
jmagnin56 (at) gmail (dot) com

Mary said...

I stayed up till 2 am last night-had to finish Agnes Sparrow-love this kind of book-can't wait for your next one!!!


Mary said...

Joyce.......I would love to have a map too-will send my addy to your e mail.Thanks.


Morningsky said...

I just finished it on my Kindle, too! Loved it, loved it. It is always a treat to find a new great writer...can't wait to read more about Bright's Pond.


Jan said...

Loved Agnes Sparrow and got it free for my iphone Kindle app. So glad my friend Bookclub Cheerleader told me about it!
Can't wait to read something else about Bright's Pond.

kittent said...

Hi Joyce,

I took advantage of Abingdon Press's offer of your free version of The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow and I'm glad I did. It was both a delightful read and very sad. I am looking forward to hearing more about the people of Bright's Pond. Your book deserved to be chosen as one of the top five in Christian fiction for 2009. It was well written and bridged the gap from good genre fiction to just plain good fiction and I will recommend it to my friends.