A Sneak Peek at My New Novel

Here's the thing, My new novel, Charlotte Figg Takes Over Paradise is not releasing until next Fall. But here's a little look. Let me know what you think.

Welcome to The Paradise Trailer Park where softball is queen, the pie is tasty and the secrets must be told.
Here's a short little teaser synopsis.

Newly widowed Charlotte Figg purchases a double wide trailer, sight unseen and moves to the Paradise Trailer Park with her dog Lucky. Unfortunately, neither the trailer nor Paradise are what Charlotte expected. Her trailer is a ramshackle old place the color of the inside of an Andes mint and in need of major repair and the people of Paradise are harboring more secrets than Bayer has aspirin. Charlotte's new friend Rose Tattoo (there's a reason she has that name) learns that Charlotte played softball and convinces her to rally the women of Paradise into a team. Reluctant at first, Charlotte warms to the notion and is soon coaching the Paradise Angels along with Asa, the one-armed mechanic, and a little person who thinks she's Mickey Mantle.
Meanwhile, Charlotte discovers that the manager of Paradise, Fergus Wrinkel, abuses his wife Suzy. Charlotte sets out to find a way to save Suzy from Fergus and in the process comes to a difficult realization about her own painful marriage. But when Charlotte begins to press the issue, Fergus takes the upper hand and threatens to kill Suzy if Charlotte exposes the truth.


Phoebe said...

Ah! It sounds so cool! Hehe, andes mints

Anonymous said...


Sounds great! What a catcher synopsis.

Pam Halter said...

It is a great story!!! I've read it from the first sentence. Can't wait to see the cover!

Rich said...

Joyce, I think you have a knack for rooting out unique characters. :-)