The Curious Case of the Orange Pig

Here's the thing, Pigs are not supposed to be orange. Okay, I'm an author but my secret identity is that I work as a classroom aid (classroom cop)for a before and after school program for kids in K through fifth grade. These are children who have parents who work all day and need care for their children before the start of the school day or after. Hence the name of the program. So for several hours a day I work in a classroom. It's a kindergarten classroom and there is this rug, a whimsical, playful children's rug. It's large, oval and colorful and has the alphabet around the outside and a red barn in the middle with typical farm animals scattered about. It's cute, it really is but it also disturbs me. You see, all of the animals, the cow, the chicken, the sheep, the duck etc. are correctly colored. Except the pigs. The pigs are orange, bright, screaming pumpkin orange. I do not understand this and consider it poor color management on behalf of the person or persons responsible. Why? Why go to the effort to correctly color the other animals as they are found in nature and then take out some kind of coloring hostility on these poor,defenseless porkers? Last evening I brought this to the attention of my director and we dashed off an email to the company requesting an explanation of this obvious color catastrophe. I for one do not want the kindergartners to believe that pigs are orange. After all we are in an affluent suburban community and pigs, as well as other farm animals are not exactly running wild through the streets so the children have nothing to compare. So, we'll see if we get an answer from the company about why on earth they made the pigs bright, screaming orange. Pumpkins are orange, oranges are orange. Pigs are pink(ish) and occassionaly white(ish)maybe black but never orange. It is an odd Orangement of colors.


Anonymous said...

Checked e-mail this morning. No answer yet!!

Anonymous said...

Let you know as soon as I hear something!!

Anonymous said...

Joyce: Answer from Carpet Company!

The pig should be speckled with red and orange.

When printing carpet, we are limited to 10 colors…that’s it! So with the color limitations and there already being quite a few brown animals in that design we had to do our best to get a piggy sort of color.

I hope that helps explain our process a bit.

Trust me…as an artist, I would LOVE to have more colors, but those are our industry limitations.

Thanks for your comment. Have a GREAT week.

Joy Schaber, Creative Director

Carpets for Kids

Bonnie Calhoun said...

LOL...well at least you got an answer! Poor kids will be marked for life....can you imagine them coming home with a pumpkin and saying, "Look ma! A pig!"

Pam Halter said...

Well, I think it's pretty cool the carpet company actually answered your question!

Oink! Oink!