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Here's the thing,I have been humbled, amazed and even embarassed at tmes at how well The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow is doing out in the world. Good reviews, excellent reviews even, starred review, lots of kudos and lots of folks buying the book. Book Clubs are reading it, friends are touting it's tasty goodness and I am in awe of God for doing this. Soli deo Gloria. But Friday I recieved an honor that I truly need to share with you all. The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow has been named one of the best books of 2009 by Library Journal. Yikes! When I saw this I was actualy stunned for a second or two, I eman I ahd this major brain zap. Wow, my first novel is named one of the best among thirty other really, really good books. But please understand that it takes a village to publish a novel. One of the things that amazed me after I received the contract and started to work with Abingdon Press, was how many people, how many hands touched my manuscript from editorial to design to sales, marketing, publicity, even shipping. So I need to take a moment and thank Abingdon for all they did to make Agnes a success and especially to my editor, Barbara Scott for teaching me so much and for making Agnes so much better than it was when she first saw it. Thank you Abingdon!


Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

Congrats, Joyce! I'm so excited for you! God's blessings are amazing and they never stop, remember that.

Author Sandra D. Bricker said...

Oh Joyce. I'm stunned with you. Not because it's happened ... The Prayers of Agnes Sparrow truly IS one of the best books around. But stunned because of God's grace and wisdom. Timing is everything, and He's shown me again and again how Abingdon has played such a huge part in His will for my life. I'm humbled by it, and I can see by your post that you understand and are humbled as well. He's a beautiful God, and He loves us so much. I'm thrilled to see the manifestation in His love for you and for what you're doing with the gifts He gave you. Enjoy, my friend! And yes ... Thank you so much, Abingdon!!! Barbara Scott, you are His messenger for blessings like this one. :-)

Sending prayers for grace and continued success, Joyce!


Pam Halter said...

I am SO thrilled, it may as well have happened to me! Although, I'm not a bit surprised. Boy, when God blesses, it's overwhelming!

I love you, BFF!!!