How do you say it? How do you play it?

Here't the thing, the other night I instructed my young son to turn out the light in his bedroom and found myself correcting what I said to "turn off" the light in his bedroom. I mean he really is only fliping a switch. It's not like he needs to blow out a lantern. And that got me thinking. How do you say it?
Do you say:
Turn out or turn off the lights?
Do you call
in or out sick?
Do you stand
in or on line?
And then the other day Adam told me he was going out to play and said he would "knock up" for his friend Hobbie. "What? Knock up?" Um, that has a whole other meaning in my brain. But apparently this is how the kids and adults in my neighborhood refer to the simple task of knocking on a friend's door to see if they can play. When I was a girl we stood on the curb and yelled, "Yo, Adrian." But now we "knock up" for someone. Uhm.
Do have a stoop outside your front door or steps or a porch. We have a stoop, which is of course, steps. I don't know. So on warm spring evenings everyone in the neighborhood would come out and sit on the stoop and yak and smoke cigarettes. That was when cigs cost 39 cents and my neighbor would give me a buck and tell me to run down the deli and buy her a pack of Winstons. And I could. Imagine that? But then again, we played Lawn Darts. Yep, Lawn Darts. Not the woosey pants nerf version our ultra protected children play with. For those of you who don't know, this is a game similar to horsehoes involving large metal, sharp darts tossed into a ring on the ground. Gave new meaning to the phrase, "You'll put your eye out." Uhm.
Well, I'd love to continue this stroll down memory lane but I ahve a meeting to get to so I'll continue later. In the eman time, How do you say it? And How did you Play it?


Phoebe said...

Hehe, lawn darts, I've played that before. Do you remember paddle pool? that's another put-your-eye-out least when you play with my family.

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